There is no doubt about it, it is hot out there.  Very hot.  Extreme weather across the Nation and around the world is breaking records left and right.  It is hot, and it's been going on for days.  These prolonged periods of extreme heat bring about a range of detrimental effects that ripple through ecosystems, economies, and public health.

  • Heat Related Illnesses
  • Agriculture & Ecosystems are Effected
  • Loss to Farmers & Food Supply Chain
  • Wildfires Frequent w/ Intensity
  • Habitats are Destroyed
  • Labor Productivity Drops
  • Energy Demand Surges
  • Tourism Suffers
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The list goes on and on with the effects of this severe heat.  I really hope there is an end to this heat soon and wish the best for those who are dealing with it.

I know it can get hot in Montana.  I think the best quote I have heard about the heat is that the rodeo is hotter than a Miles City summer.  The hottest recoded temp is not from Miles City.  The hottest recorded temp was recorded twice.  44 year apart from two different locations that were actually pretty close to each other.

Glendive Montana and Medicine Lake were the locations of the hottest temps recorded in Montana.  Glendive was the first to establish the record temp on July 20th, 1893.  Then 44 years later in 1937 on July 5th that same temp was recorded in Medicine Lake Montana.

How hot did it get those day?  One Hundred and Seventeen Degrees!  Now that is hot.  I think Alan Jackson said it best, it's hotter than a Hoochie Coochie.

Stay safe in this heat!

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