Montana, Are We Sick and Tired the Membership World?

My wallet can't take anymore.  Both in the financial sense and in the thickness sense.


I mean it.  If I have to sign up for one more membership at some location and it requires a new card to add to the pile, I'm out.


The creators and writers of the movie "Fifth Element" weren't wrong on this one.  We are all going to have some sort of card that covers everything at some point as time marches on.


Have You Ever Snuck into One in Montana for a Quick Meal?

In internet reports surfacing on Reddit first and passing on to People, Costco is now cracking down even further on people stopping in for the hot dog special.  They will be checking for identification, not just a membership card.

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I get the whole membership thing.  I have several for various locations across businesses in the city.  And each time I enter one, I find myself digging through my wallet in the car to find the right one.  Wouldn't one lone pass make it easier?

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Did I Just Give Away a Million Dollar Idea to Someone Out There?

I suppose that an app out there will fix all of my worldly problems, right?  But let me guess, there would be a membership to get all of the good stuff, right?

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What do you think?  Are we inundated with too many memberships to places that offer inside deals to a select few?  Hit us up in the comments of our socials or our app chat feature.  You can also email me here.

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