Montana Makes Top 10 States for This Pesky Rodent

In the month of February, many across the nation look forward to a fuzzy rodent that will predict whether or not we will have an early spring or another 6 weeks of winter fun.  Unfortunately, that rodent, Mr. Punxsutawney Phil isn't very accurate.

However, in Montana we do have a fuzzy rodent that seems to be a little more "in the know" when it comes time to let us know spring really is right around the bend.  And they have been spotted already.

Twisting Ankles Forever Under the Big Sky of Montana

The common northern pocket gopher is everywhere in our state.  So much so that we are the 8th ranked state for population of them.  Nowhere is safe.  Cities, towns, fields, mountains, golf courses and football fields will all be a casualty of them at some point.

In a report from the Montana Department of Agriculture, the pocket gopher:

is one of the more damaging rodents found around the home and farm. It affects such diverse crops as alfalfa, pasture forage, Christmas tree plantations, row crops, shelter belts, and flower and vegetable gardens.

Not only do they create havoc for crops, but they are also detrimental to livestock, pets and even humans.  Holes created by these rodents can twist or break an ankle, or even a leg.

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Montana Uses Several Methods to Control the Burrowing Beasts

There are several control methods and tactics used to control the gopher in Montana.  Flood irrigation and frequent tilling help.  Another method includes trapping with the Macabee Trap, one of the more widely available in the state.

Other options available are fumigants, but these are difficult to use, and often aren't effective getting to everywhere within the tunnel system of the gopher.  Instead, poison baits, or balls are used.

Have a gopher problem in your area and want to learn more?

For additional information on pocket gopher control or other pest rodents, program presentations, field rodent control demonstrations or information on other vertebrate pest problems, contact: Montana Department of Agriculture Vertebrate Pest Program Stephen Vantassel Vertebrate Pest Speicialist 625 NE Main St., Ste 3 Lewistown, MT 59457 (406)538-3004 Helena: Linda Johns (406)444-5400

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