Montana Is the Last Best Place for This Dangerous Activity

Montana does not like to be told what to do.  Nor do the people that reside within the borders of it.  Independent, strong-willed and many other adjectives can all be used to describe the population under the Big Sky.  It's one of the reasons we are the last best place.

In this case however, Montana may want to step up and fix this, so we aren't the lone last holdout when it comes to being safe on the roadways.

One of the Deadliest Activities Concerning Distracted Driving

Stats don't lie.  Distracted driving is deadly, and one of the worst offenses is trying to use your cell phone while doing so.    According to the Montana Department of Transportation, there were over 3,100 deaths related to distracted driving.  Not great statistics, are they?

So why so much push back for a state-wide ban on hand-held devices while driving?  Are we just that stubborn?  I tend to think so, given the pushback on things like safe and prudent speed limits or wearing a seat belt to protect us and loved ones on the roads.

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As Of September, Montana Is the Last Hold Out for the Law

While many Montana cities have enacted their own codes and by-laws in regard to cell phone usage within the city limits, the counties and states have not followed suit as quickly.  Montana remains the last hold out for a distracted driving law since Missouri passed laws in September.  And even though there have been bills presented to the Republican majority legislature, they have yet to act on them citing that they aren't effective and infringe on people's rights.

What do you think?  Does Montana need to step up and get into the 21st century with this law?  Or should well enough be left alone?  Hit us up in the comments of our social media, with our appchat feature or you can email your thoughts here.

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