CAUTION: It's a funny but slightly stupid story...

Here's a head-scratcher for you. 

Following an overly long day of running errands, I finally had a chance to run home between radio shows.

When I pulled up to my house, I noticed my garbage can was missing a wheel.

The Trash Can Back Story

It's not a huge shocker that the wheel wasn't where it was supposed to be since I've been battling the dumpster wheel for a few months now.

For some strange reason, it likes to pop off whenever the trash is collected.

It's a relatively new trash can, maybe a year and a half old at most. 

Here's Where Things Get Weird

In the past, the wheel would be lying next to the can. 

However, this time, it was nowhere to be found.

As in, GONE!

Did someone take it?

The Verdict

I'm about 90% sure the wheel fell off while the garbage truck emptied the trash.

What I Learned About Garbage Cans In Great Falls

According to the lady I spoke with at the city, changes in EPA Standards have limited the materials used to make trash cans.

Say what?

Yep, you heard correctly, the new cans are made with different materials than before to meet these new standards; it turns out these new garbage cans are nowhere near as strong as the old ones.

Supposedly, they are constantly breaking. 

Can someone please explain to me how it is more environmentally friendly to constantly replace parts and broken cans because of the new standards rather than just make a can that lasts? 

If You Have Problems With Your Can

Contact the Sanitation Division Office at 406-771-1401 to report a damaged container or lid.

Also, did you know?

The city offers dumpster cleaning for residential dumpsters: $16.50

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