A Detective Wouldn't Have to Work Very Hard to Find Me in Montana

I am a creature of habit.  Ask my wife, my family or friends, I am generally in one of about 4 places at any given time.  Home, work, my garage or the golf course.  And for the most part in that order.  Those last two are pretty interchangeable dependent upon weather given I do live in Montana.


When I do deviate from those habits, it is again, well, another habit.  Grocery store, hardware store, golf store.  Usually a specific item, so I am in and out quickly to arrive back at one of the above locations.  So, noticing something other than what I am looking for generally doesn't happen.

Mind Boggled When I Saw This in Great Falls Store

Just a few days ago, my wife brought home some new light bulbs to try.  They were perfect (thanks honey!), so we headed back to grab more to replace the other aging bulbs in our home.  As we wandered about looking for another item, I spy the following:


Now, I am not bemoaning the establishment for doing this one bit.  It was just a surprise to me that these items were behind bars.  With padlocks.  Which then made me wonder why these particular items?  Maybe they weren't code tagged to set off the alarm?

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I Wouldn't Make It a Month in Montana as a Criminal - Seriously

Sure, I know about the prolific problem of not just retail theft, but theft in general.  So, yes, I know about the whole copper thing.  But this is where I fail as a criminal.  I wouldn't ever think of the gold mine that a retail store would offer me:


The next aisle explained it all.  Literally miles of electrical wiring that contain copper.  Coupled with the solid copper connections from the boxes, any criminal would be stripping wire like, well, a bandit.

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Have you noticed other stores locking up items that you normally wouldn't?  What was the strangest item you have seen behind the iron curtain to protect from sticky fingers?  Let us know in the comments of our social media, our app chat feature or email us here.

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