There is nothing like experience to help you get to the next level.  I have now learned that is incredibly important when it comes time for a tattoo.  After my first one, I wasn't sure I would ever get that next art on my body.  My second round has completely changed my mind.  So much so, I have already made my next appointment with my new artist!  A huge thanks to Chad at Digital Karma Studios for making my time in the chair a great time.  Comfortable, easy to talk with, an incredibly light touch with the gun and just an all around great guy to hang out with.  If you head that way, make sure to ask him about anything tech-related, you will most assuredly get a smile.  Check out my gallery below and let me know what you think of the new ink.

A Tattoo Journey - From Poor Prison Style to Creative Fun - Updated

My journey of tattoo art. From a poor experience to catching the ink bug 15 years later with my wife.

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