Crab For New Year?  Don't Do It Montana!

One thing about the holidays, besides the food being a given, is all of the traditions that come about with this time of year.  They just all seem to bunch up together and roll non-stop for 2 months straight.


Wonderful traditions that include Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and day, plus the ringing in of the New Year.  Do you have special ones that you and your family enjoy?

Don't Jinx Yourself Right Off the Bat For 2024

We all want to head into the new year each and every year the best way.  No bad luck to start is always nice.  So, what are some of the traditions that are considered bad luck to kick in 2024?

  • Porridge and meat should not be eaten for breakfast
  • Be careful not to break bowls, plates or glasses
  • Don't do laundry on the first day of the new year
  • Using unlucky words

Pretty straight forward with these.  But what is up with that lobster on the New Year's Eve?  Why shouldn't you eat it?  I mean besides the price!

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Eating Lobster Is Considered Bad Luck, But Why?

Well, actually, it deals with it being a crustacean believe it or not.  The thinking behind this bad luck omen is that if you do eat a lobster, because they can move backward.  This is seen as moving backwards versus forwards and starting your new year on the right foot, forward.


Instead, try eating lucky foods like round fruits, or you can try black-eyed peas instead.  What traditions are you celebrating into the New Year this year?  Let us know via social media, using the appchat feature or email us here.

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