It is happening to all of us. Life has reached warp speed and doesn't look like it's going to slow down anytime soon, or ever. So, in this 100 MPH life we live, mental health better be a part of your day to day living. In order to make this happen, you need to recognize that this responsibility is all on you. Nobody else can make this happen. Just you.

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In no particular order here are 5 things to do now that will help you feel less rushed all the time.

1. Quit Multitasking! I don't mean to quit doing this forever but lately multitasking has become the new norm. Do we really need to always be working on 8 different projects? More does not equal better, and busyness does not equal important. Don't take on everything.

2. Say no. Alot. Don't be afraid to turn down a social event. If staying in your sweatpants and curling up on the couch with a book or cup of tea, has you excited. Then do that. Say no to everything nonessential.

3. Work-Life Balance. It is a thing or used to be. Separate the two. Work puts food on the table and pays the bills. However, family and friends make life better. Make more time for the things that better you!

4. Find your passion. Or bring it back. Maybe you put your hobby on hold when life started picking up pace. Pick up where you left off. If you start enjoying what little time you do have to spend on something you have passion for then that time is more appreciated and enjoyed.

5. Be present! Quit spending so much time on things you should have done or hopefully will do. This takes away from the right now. Enjoy what is happening in your life right now.

Overall, figure out how to get the most out of your spare time. Not how to get the most done or filling up your time making sure everyone else is happy. Your time is valuable. Your mental health is important.

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