This concept might be a genius move to help promote safer streets, but we feel this might upset some residents.

Montanans want to make sure they feel safe wherever they might be. This is especially true when it comes to their neighborhoods.

A neighborhood should be where people can walk around, play, and enjoy each other's company daily. If you have kids, you want to keep them safe anytime they are outside playing games, riding bikes, or enjoying a sunny day.

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The only problem is some drivers can get distracted or speed to their destination. That can cause accidents no one wants to have happen.

What can residential streets do to help promote safety? Some have speed bumps or small roundabouts at intersections, but what if there is a better idea?

Photo by Eric Prouzet via Unsplash
Photo by Eric Prouzet via Unsplash

When walking around Seattle, I noticed something interesting. They have installed some ways to help slow down vehicles, and some neighborhoods are even taking it further to keep them and their kids safe.

Here's what they are doing.

At every intersection are giant construction cones that force drivers to slow down and drive around the obstacle. Some folks added giant rubber plant pots with dirt and flowers to further slow down traffic along the street.

Townsquare Media Bozeman
Townsquare Media Bozeman

Why are they doing this?

According to the city notice, this area of Seattle is implementing this new directive to slow down traffic in residential areas where cars have been speeding over the limit, plus a few accidents have occurred.

I asked a few residents about it and understand why some might get frustrated by this deterrent, but safety is more important.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Realizing this might be a fantastic idea for Montana's residential streets, I wanted to bring this up. Some folks might find this annoying and inconvenient and might try to remove these safety features.

I wouldn't try that if you don't want to wreck your car. Underneath the cones were 150 lbs of cement bricks, which could seriously damage any vehicle.

Would this work in Montana? Let us know on the app.

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