When it comes to being famous, people can really let those who have found the spot light to really have it.

I'm talking about paparazzi, autograph mongers, restaurant employees, and any other element to just put someone over the edge and make them seem like that person just hates the outside world.


However, some celebrities lean into people differently and have more patience, poise, and tolerance for being famous and followed constantly and take advantage of the time and attention they are given.

Is it just being built for fame? or Is it just a certain person whether they are famous or not, treats everyone with a bit of humility and respect.

Whether it comes from merely saying a line from their most famous movie, or just hanging out being cool humans, some celebrities just gel and get along with their fans on levels tat fans themselves would never expect even from a regular Joe on the street.


That's not to say that certain nice celebrities do not have their breaking points or have not experienced a person that is unstable and pushing personal boundaries, maybe they just have more tolerance and understand what it means to be a fan in front of the person you grew up idolizing.

I looked up a few people in the limelight of which everyone seems to love, whether it be for charity like Dolly Parton, Dave Grohl cheering you up with a shot of Jagermeister, or Mark Hamill reassuring that you just need to trust the force, the sure sight of these stars warm everyone's hearts and they seem to be an anomaly of the human condition for the better.

Bottom line, we need to protect them at all costs.

Do you love these celebrities? Is there any I missed, because surely there is, Let us know in the comments on social media.


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