As you may know, It's November 1st. The day after Halloween. Normal people are looking forward to leaves, Hallmark movies, football and Thanksgiving.

There's that word, "Thanksgiving". It doesn't exist in my house! No sir.

The very day after Halloween my wife is currently off shift early, planning and plotting all Christmas decorations as we speak, or as you're reading this rather.

I wrote an article some months ago during the summer asking when it's appropriate to start decorating for any holiday. Well, since that article I've gotten my answer from my wife. "ASAP!"

This being for all intents and purposes the infancy our marriage, I've learned unequivocally that Christmas starts right after Halloween, and I'm headed to the crawlspace once again.

I also learned that she is not alone in this endeavor. I looked far and wide on the internet, as you can see in the Tik Toks below, tons of people are, as of now, going full commando on Christmas. When did everyone just skip thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas? Do I blame Mariah Carey? Capitalism?

Who knows.

I'm no Scrooge, but I'm still looking forward to pie season, the Macy's parade, and the news reports about Black Friday. I keep telling people that we are putting up Christmas decorations up in one month, JUST to trigger my wife. Hey! Torture can be cheeky and fun, only the real torture is me staring at Christmas decorations until my birthday in January.

Happy Honda Days. I mean holidays, Happy Holidays.

@christmas.dreaming Christmas is here! #fyp#christmas#aesthetic#xmas#grwm#blowup#christmaspov#christmas2022♬ It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas - Perry Como & The Fontane Sisters

@katekulp Halloween or Christmas? #foryou#fyp#foryoupage#christmas#halloween♬ original sound - katé

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