A Great Falls man is behind bars today after allegedly striking his stepson in the face.  Christopher Simonet, 33, is facing two counts which include assault on a minor and tampering with evidence.

Simonet- Jail Mugshot
Simonet- Jail Mugshot

Police received a call from the Montana Department of Family Services of a potential assault on an eight year old boy. The boy told the principal at his local Great Falls school that he had been hit in the face by his dad which left a large bruise  The boy told school officials, after his father hit him, his father then tried to cover it up with his mothers makeup.

It all started on the morning of May Fifth at their home in the 2000 block of 6th Street Northeast.  The boy says he was dressed and ready to go to school  when his father walked in because the boy did not want to turn the TV off.   That's when he reportedly struck the child in the face. The boy says it caused a lot of pain. The eight year old told the principal at the school that he did not want family services to get involved because his father had already gone to jail once and he did not want him to get in trouble.

The boy says dad then took him to mom's room where he applied makeup to cover up the bruise.  He says the makeup was skin color and dad used a poof poof ball to apply the makeup.  The boy then told police that dad has hurt his mother in the past.  Police later talked with the father who initially denied hitting his son but later he admitted to hitting the boy in the face and that he used makeup to try and cover the bruise up before he went to school.  His mother was not home at the time.  Simonet's bond is $10,000.

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