In Montana Who Pays The Most Taxes?

Yeah, that most dreaded time of the year is going to be here soon; we're, of course, talking tax season.

It's that time of the year where you find out just how much money you owe Uncle Sam.

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Currently, our family gets a tax refund since my wife and I are the parents of two young kids, but it won't always be that way.

Oddly enough the group with the highest tax burden is actually the ones making the least amount of money.

In fact, Montana, along with 40 other states, is letting those who make the most money, the so-called 1%, have the lowest tax burden in the state.

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Are Montana Taxes Regressive, Progressive or Proportional?

As you can see from the infographic image above, Montana is a regressive tax state.

Most of the taxes we pay each year such as property taxes, sales taxes, and some state and local taxes are regressive taxes.

That means we ask more of those on the bottom of the income level than those on the top.

However when it comes to our tax burden as a percentage of income, Montana ranks in the top 10 for all income levels.

The website WalletHub took a look at the tax burden for the lower, middle and higher income levels and ranked them according to their percentage of income.

Source: WalletHub

You'll see Montana ranks #2 for those in the lower income bracket.

Here's all the rankings according to WalletHub

Tax Burden in Montana (1=Best, 25 =Avg.):

  • 2nd – Low-Income Earners (7.28% of Income)
  • 8th – Middle-Income Earners (8.13% of Income)
  • 9th – High-Income Earners (7.37% of Income)

Overall our taxes are pretty low in Montana compare to other states, although I'm sure plenty of people would like to those at the top start paying a higher percentage than those at the bottom and in the middle.

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