You likely already noticed this beast if you made it to the fair this year!

That's right, the brand new Incident Command Vehicle!

The Cascade County Sherriff's Office received the brand new Incident Command Vehicle through a Federal Department of Homeland Security grant.

According to Sherrif Jesse Slaughter, Captain Scott Van Dyken worked to secure the funding, which is an incredibly competitive process.

This vehicle fills multiple needs in our community, a few of which include...

  1. It can be deployed by law enforcement or any public safety entity in the county, the Golden Triangle, or Central Montana.
  2. The unit is designed to handle many different incidents, such as hostage situations, search and rescue, fires, significant catastrophes, or natural disasters.
  3. It's also a backup 911 center, so if our 911 Center in Cascade County goes down or becomes inoperable, the vehicle can be deployed as a full emergency communications center.
  4. Not only can the vehicle handle 911 communications, but it can also facilitate as a portable inner operable gateway system. This means that all emergency communications can be switched to one channel.

After spending some time in the Incident Command unit, it was clear that this vehicle could be utilized in just about any emergency in our area.

In my mind, one of the most extraordinary things about this tool is that it allows law enforcement, fire crews, and other public agencies to work together more efficiently.

Check out the interior pictures below!

Sheriff Slaughter with the details on the new Incident Command Vehicle

Check Out The Interior!

Cascade County Sheriffs Incident Command Vehicle

Cascade County Sheriffs Incident Command Vehicle

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