What Days Can You Fish For Free In Montana

If there is one thing that everyone in Montana can agree on, it is that we have some of the best outdoor activities in America.

One of the most popular of those activities is fishing, and in 2024, there will be a couple of days where you do not even need a license to partake.

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Fishing is a great outdoor activity for families because it is something simple that even families with young kids can take part in.

If you have never gone fishing with a young kid, then you have never truly experienced the unbridled joy that comes when they catch their first fish.

Another great thing about fishing is that it is a pretty low-cost entry point. There's no need for tons of fancy equipment; just a pole and some bait, and you're ready to fish.

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Montana Allows Free Fishing On Two Special Weekends

In order to promote fishing and getting families off the couch and outdoors, the Montana legislature has actually passed a law allowing people to fish for free on two special weekends.

Both Father's Day and Mother's Day allow families to head down to their favorite fishing spot with no need for a license.

That means May 11th and 12th and June 15th and 16th will allow for free fishing in 2024.

Now you do need to follow the seasons, restrictions, and bag limits for 2024, and you can't fish for paddlefish and bull trout, so there are some stipulations.

If you have never gone fishing in Montana, these weekends would be a great way to bond with your kids and make some precious memories, and all of it for free.

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