A place for everything and everything in its place.  Truly a mantra that my father pounded into me from a young age.  Normally, I am very good about it.  But some days, it just goes south, and I am suddenly late for work, a meeting, a dinner, a tee time it doesn’t matter, I am going to forget something in the day.

We all lose normal things, misplacement of keys, perhaps the wallet or purse isn’t where it normally is.  The garbage didn’t make it out.  Common things.  But then I started looking around and noticed that it wasn’t just those common items I was losing or forgetting.  It was common everyday things that I can’t seem to keep track of.

The Laundry

Throughout my marriage, this has been a mutual task.  When one of us notice that the laundry basket is overflowing, or suddenly I have no more golf socks or shirts, it’s time to put a load in.  Most times, I manage to get the basket downstairs and into the washer.  That’s where I go wild.  Why, after filling the detergent and softener, I close the door, then WALK AWAY.  Without ever hitting the start button.  The same problem occurs once I move them to the dryer.  Place the clothes, throw in a dryer sheet and slam the door.  Then WALK AWAY!

Power Cords

They seem to be the bane of life when it comes to electronics.  As you see in the picture, I have a plethora of them.  Yes, they fit some sort of device in my home.  But when needed, these all seem to grow legs and wander off.  It doesn’t matter if at home, or at work.  I lose them, find them, stash them, forget them.  It’s a never-ending process!

My Phone

For someone who needs to be on it seemingly constantly, I can lose it at least once a day.  The even crazier thing?  It’s always in the same spot where I find it!  I recently bought a mount for my phone in my vehicle.  Greatest thing ever, but can I remember to take my phone from it when I leave the car?  Absolutely not!  It’s come to the point that my wife reminds me each day if I grabbed it when I arrive home from work.

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My Coffee Cup

Everyday.  It is a never fail situation.  Each morning I awake to start the day and head downstairs to grab a cup of fresh brewed goodness.  Each morning I must walk back up to my studio and retrieve my coffee cup, then return to fill it thinking today is the day that I will bring it back down, rinse and place it for the next day.  At least my FitBit is happy with how many step and stairs I get in before I hit the air at 6am!

My Wife

Yes.  My wife.  We have a large home that is easy to “get-away” from one another when we need our time to ourselves.  However, some instances, it creates havoc.  She may be in her basement studio, painting away, I can’t find her.  She is in her office, I look in the basement.  It becomes even worse when we go to the store.  I have finally taken to asking associates at our favorite hardware store where the “I’ve lost my wife” aisle is.


Silly things to lose every day I know.  But some days they are just the most frustrating things to lose, misplace or to have forgotten.  What things in your everyday life get to you?  Hit me up with the app or any of our social platforms to let me know!

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