Is Montana on List of This Popular National Bank's Closings?

It is one of the most personal things that you have in your life.  Your bank account.  Every transaction you make goes through it when you use a debit card, or perhaps you are using checks for purchases.  Someone somewhere out there is watching those dollars besides you.

Personally, I've never trusted them.  I much prefer using a localized credit union to keep track of my dollars and cents.  Yes, someone is watching my transactions, just like a bank, but I feel safer having my life there vs. something that seems to continually go out of business.

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This Major Player Is Closing Over 50 Locations In 2024 Already

In data released by Office of the Comptroller of Currency, it was announced that Bank of America would be closing the doors on many locations, especially on the eastern coast.  No worries, right?  Wrong.

Of those closures, there are locations near Montana that will happen.  States such as Washington, Colorado and California will experience doors closing from Bank of America in various cities and towns.

Are You Concerned About Your Money in Montana at BoA?

Even though closures aren't as of yet scheduled in our state, does it make you consider moving your hard-earned dollars to a different banking establishment?  What aspects do you look for when considering where to bank?  Do you prefer a credit union atmosphere more?

Let us know in our comments or use our app chat feature to talk with us.  You can also email us here.

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