Is Montana Losing Its Identity with These New Jobs?

Times, they are changing.  Even our state, as much as we may not like or appreciate it, is changing as well.  Some of it is good, some, maybe not so good.  An easy one to grab a hold of is the job market difference from just 20 years ago to what is available today.

Sure, we are an agricultural-based state, that isn't going away anytime soon.  So, no, Montana isn't losing its identity in that way.  But are people looking at coming to our state for jobs that aren't necessarily ag-based?

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Have You Been Hit Over The Head With This Retort Yet?

It only takes one time of a younger generation, in this particular case, my grandson, telling me as I regale him with tales from life's hard-learned lessons:

Yeah, that's cool and all Grandpa, but that was a really long time ago.  Like the late 1900's...

The late 1900's?  What did you just say to me?!?!  Yep, one time, and suddenly you start to rethink about those trains that we all fall off of.  The fashion one.  The technology one.  The party one.  And now, apparently, the no longer hip grandpa one, but instead the old guy with a beard and crazy stories from last century kind of train ride.  Has Montana fallen off that train of keeping with the times when it comes to the job market?

Time To Buckle Up For The Future Of The Job Market In Montana

The Montana Department of Labor every few years gathers all their data and shares it with the Bureau of Statistics to compile what they believe are the trends in jobs.  Thankfully, the crew at Zippia did a bunch of science stuff and came up with 10 jobs that are the biggest up-and-comers in our state.

New data from the state will be available in 2024 for projections again over the next 10 years.  Check out our gallery below to see which jobs that might be worth making the switch to this year.

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