Iconic History Missing at the Great Falls International Airport

It probably isn't one of my more endearing qualities about my personality, but I hate change.  I am a creature of habit.  At home, at work, on the weekends, it doesn't seem to matter.  I like things the way they are, and when they change, for whatever reason, it puts a wrinkle in my jeans that I fight with for a while before giving in, realizing change is inevitable.

This change at the Great Falls International Airport for me is unacceptable though.

Where Did the Greeter on the Escalator Go?

On a recent trip to the airport, I ventured in the front doors and headed to the escalator to reach the upper floor.  As soon as I stepped on it, I realized something was wrong.  Terribly wrong.  He was gone.

Lance Loberg
Lance Loberg

The bobcat greeter is missing!  Where did he head off to?  Will he be coming back?

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My Money Is on A Jealous Grizzly Fan Out There

Did a disgruntled Grizzly fan make off with our bobcat mascot at the Great Falls International Airport?  Probably not, but it would make a great story if they had.  Oddly enough though, the cat really does look like it was ripped from it mount, with spray foam still on the rocks where his feet were.

Do you know what happened to our greeter?  For as long as I have known that bobcat has been located on the rocks up the escalator.  Why was he removed?  Anyone have a guess?  Or maybe know exactly what happened?  Let us know in the social media comments, with our appchat feature or email me here with your answers.

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