Home grown right in Montana under the Big Sky.  I have lived my entire life in this state.  And in those years, never once have I ever encountered one of these.  I have lived in the eastern part of the state, the northwest, southwest and central area.  Perhaps I have seen one, or even heard one but didn't realize what I was looking at or hearing at the time.

But they are here, and how long they have been seeming to be a little bit of a contention.

What Is It with Bug Invasions in the State Recently?

Over the years, we have seen several "invasions" of bugs or insects of some sort.  Some of those occur each year.  Box elder bugs easily come to mind, crawling on any and everything they land on.  Grasshoppers are another that will invade many of our crops, towns, gardens and highways.  This year we even saw in influx of moths taking over every nook and cranny.  But this one is a new one on me.  The Cicada has made its way under the Big Sky and is singing away.

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No, Not the Caddis Fly, The Cicada Is What We Are Talking About

There may be some confusion with the sort of similar names, but the Cicada is in a class of its own.  While species do vary, many in the Eastern United States will see these emerge every 11-17 years.  Other varieties of the cicada will return each year, with a lifespan of 1-9 years.  The male of the species is the song maker among them and can grow to near 2 inches in length.

While they may seem a little intimidating, the cicada actually isn't looking to come after you.  They don't bite or sting in true sense, but they may mistake you for a tree or your arm for a tree limb to land upon.  You can check out a recent picture of one spotted in Billings, Montana here.

Now that you know what they are, have you heard a song from a cicada?  Check out the below clip to hear what they sound like to better identify those songs in your backyard or campsite.

Plus, we've even found just how they look in the wild through hatching into the beautiful insects they are.  Keep scrolling to see just how a cicada comes about.

Photos of a Cicada Breaking Free from Its Shell

The Brood X cicadas are emerging after seventeen years and they're shedding their larva shells all over the tristate. Here's what it looks like as they do it!

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