Humane Society of Great Falls to Host Low-Cost Clinic

Keeping our pet's safe and healthy is always a concern for fur baby mom and dads.  However, sometimes the cost of those visits with our vet can stretch the budget to its very end.

That is where the Humane Society of Cascade County steps in to help.  And just in time for the late spring and early summer they are set to offer those services for those pets and owners in need.

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HSCC Helping Make a Difference for Our Pets and Owners

The Humane Society offers low-cost spay and neuter services for pet parents in need and people caring for cat colonies.  They offer two different low-cost spay/neuter clinics each year in May and August.

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The HSCC also teams with local veterinarians to help with services outside of the clinics.  They can even provide transportation in some cases to help your pet arrive safely and get back home to you.

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Help Is Coming for Pet Owners in May of 2024 to Great Falls

If you are a pet owner that needs help with getting your fur baby in for a spay or neuter, the next clinic is coming up on May 11th and 12th of 2024.  This is for low-income pet owners, and/or for large groups of cats.

To make your appointment, there are several different options available:

  • If you have MORE than 5 cats, wild or tame, call 406-781-6219. They have a separate program for these colonies, so please call NOW. As soon as the weather is warm enough, they will begin. Traps are available to borrow. Experienced volunteers will help you.
  • If you have 5 or fewer cats, wild or tame, call 406-452-7729.
  • If you have dogs, OR BOTH dogs and 5 or fewer cats, call 406-231-4722.

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