How To Keep Your Weapon Secure When Travelling Montana

Being a member of the older GenX crowd, I have fond memories of what it was like "back in the day".  No, I won't reminisce with rose-colored glasses.  And I know that times have changed.  Doesn't mean I can't miss some of those things that made me into the person I am.

After a recent spate of robberies and break-ins to vehicles in our city, I again had to re-evaluate what I should or shouldn't be keeping in my own rigs at home and at work.  Especially if you travel with a weapon in your vehicle.  The days of leaving a rifle or pistol in a gunrack or holster on the seat are long gone.

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ATF Issue Warning About Carrying a Weapon in a Vehicle in Montana & Beyond

In a report from the Alcohol, Tabacco and Firearms Department of the U.S., over 1 million guns were stolen between 2017 and 2021.  Most of those stolen were from private citizens and their homes or vehicles.

The ATF have issued new warnings about carrying your firearm in your vehicle for just this reason.  The responsibility of keeping your weapon secure and safe falls to the owner of the firearm.

Let's Lock It Up for Safety Across Montana and Beyond

Using a lockbox for your firearm is a great way to help deter theft from your vehicle.  Bringing that firearm inside with you if possible is also a way to keep it safe from sticky fingers.

If you are the victim of theft of a weapon, the ATF recommends the following procedure:

Upon discovery of any theft or loss of your firearm, you should call your local law enforcement agency to report the theft or loss. A complete description of each firearm is vitally important to law enforcement in the investigation and recovery of your firearm. Insurance claims and reacquisition of a recovered firearm will also hinge on the ability to correctly identify your firearm. Use the fillable ATF Publication 3312.8, Personal Firearms Record to record personal firearm information and to accurately report this information to law enforcement in the event of a theft or loss of your firearm.

Be safe Montana!

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