Great Falls isn't any different than any other city or town in today's times.  We face the same problems that others see each and every day.  Crime statistics continue to rise across our city and the state.

As a resident, there are certain things you can do to help.  Be vigilant around your own property and that of your neighbors.  Install cameras, bright lights and not leaving expensive items unattended are great ways to deter theft.  Finding out if you can be part of a neighborhood watch program.  All of these help in the long term to deter crime in our neighborhoods and city.

Taking An Even Bigger Step in Getting Involved with Safety

Involvement is key to any success story regarding safety and keeping crime in check.  Without those volunteers in our neighborhoods being vigilant, it could be worse.  But what about taking it a step further and seriously getting involved with our local law enforcement agencies?  Have you ever considered joining the force, whether that be our local city officers or with the sheriff's office?

Becoming A Person in Blue and Joining the Ranks in Great Falls

The City of Great Falls website offers information regarding your application for the police department.  The hiring process is done 3 times per year, January, May and again in September.  There are seven different parts of the application, but you can be hired within 90 to 120 days from your application.  To find out more about becoming an officer within the ranks of the Great Falls Police Department, simply click here to get more information.

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