How Can We Ship This World's Largest Item to Montana?

It should come as no surprise that Montana is home to some pretty large things.  I mean, we are Big Sky Country for a reason.  The mountains, the animals, even the people have some pretty large personalities.

We are even home to some amazing records out there.  Things like the largest snowflake ever observed.  We are home to arguably the world's most well-known stunt rider in Evel Knievel and we even hold records for the first place of Gideon Bible in a hotel room!

Should We Make a Play to Be the Home to This World's Largest?

In our neighbor state South Dakota, an iconic piece of history has gone on the block.  Now, I am pretty sure that you probably can't remove this unique item from its current location, how cool would it be to lay claim to this?

Ever wondered just how big of a pheasant you need to hold the record for the World's Largest Pheasant ever?  Well, about 22 feet tall and over 2 ton will get the job done!

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It's Up for Sale Right Now, Not A Bad Price for It Either!

It's going to take a pretty big semi-tractor-trailer to get this thing into our state, even if that is possible.  But the price?  You can't really beat owning the world's largest something for a mere $180,000, can you?

According to the listing agency, Montgomery Real Estate, the property is pretty basic:

This is your chance to own the World's Largest Pheasant! one of Huron's most famous landmarks can be yours, along with office or storage space! Located off of Hwy 14, this prime commercial space is 1558 sq ft. on the main level with a 520 sq ft basement with Bathroom. Zoned B3, the sky is the limit for commercial possibilities!

What do you think?  Should we make a play to have this in the eastern part of the state maybe?  Think Glasgow, Glendive or maybe even Jordon?  What say you?

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