Yellowstone National Park can be a wild ride for not only people, but also pets who occasionally become lost in the open areas of the backcountry.

In this case, it happens to be a working animal, but also a pet.  And he needs your help to bring him back home.  Are you planning a trip to YNP soon?  You may be able to help Joaquin get back to his owners if you spot him.

Do You Remember the Story of the Lost Llama in Yellowstone?

One of the more unique ways to get around the park is via the llama.  Yellowstone Llamas offers trips around the park for visitors to take a memorable trip through the area.  Several years ago, Lewis the llama went missing in the park for over 3 months.  Now, Joaquin has gone walkabout.

The llama was spooked from his tether on August 12, near the Lamar Valley by a group of bison.  After breaking free, the llama has not been seen since.

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How Can You Help Bring Joaquin Home to His Family

If you are planning on being in the park in the next couple of days or even weeks, the owners at Yellowstone Llamas encourage you to keep an eye out for Joaquin. While they continue to monitor and hike in the areas of Trout Lake, Buck Lake and Shrimp lake, they ask the public to report any sightings they have.

According to the owners:

Joaquin is a tall, brown llama with a white face. Anyone who spots the animal is asked to call the Yellowstone Backcountry Office at 307-344-2160.

Let's help bring Joaquin home!

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