Hate And Extremism in Great Falls Leads to Public Meeting

Crime statistics never lie.  It's hard to look at black and white numbers on a screen and try to deny them.  Even if you don't trust those numbers, you only need to talk with neighbors or friends in our city that have been a statistic concerning a given crime.

Sure, we talk about drug problems that plague us, or drunk driving numbers that lead the country, or even someone dealing with a car or garage being broken into.  But what about hate crime and extremism in Great Falls?

It Seems That Is Becoming More and More Prevalent in Our Town

It was just a few short months ago that Great Falls was in the thick of a hate and extremism targeting spree.  Hate fliers and stickers placed everywhere on buildings, street signs and more.

As that prevalence becomes more across not only Great Falls, but across Montana, one group is spearheading an effort to make a difference.

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How To Attend This Public Meeting in Great Falls

If making a difference in our community is important to you, a new public meeting coming on January 16th, 2024, to Great Falls will be an amazing way to get the ball rolling and find important information.

Great Falls Rising, Inc. will be hosting the meeting beginning at 5:30pm at the Church of the Incarnation, 600 3rd Avenue North.  Entitled "Hate and Extremism in Montana: What We As A Community Need To Know To Stand Against Hate", attendees will be able to find information tables with information on fighting hate and extremism.  Guest speakers include:

  • Ken Toole - Montana Human Rights Network founder
  • Travis McAdams - Southern Poverty Law Center
  • Maggie Bornstein - formerly with the ACLU

This event is open to the public to attend.

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