Did This Latest Hacking Scandal Hit Montana?

Well, as if times weren't crazy enough with recalls coming from every which way, whether cheese, cinnamon or kid's play ovens, the internet was feeling a little left out it seems.  There is a new problem in town, and it is hackers behind the chaos.


Even stranger, we are just now hearing about this hacking occurrence, though it happened in October of last year.  How can we be living in the 21st century and just now find out about this?

Thank Goodness for Anti-Hacking Software Alerts for Information

In a new announcement through Norton Security, the health and ancestry website 23andMe was hit in October of 2023 by hackers.  Nearly 7 million people are affected by this breach.

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Hackers took advantage of an exploit of people re-using old passwords to access personal data including:

  • Names
  • Birth years
  • Relationship information
  • Genetic ancestry results

That information in turn is now being sold online to allow for identity theft.

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What To Do If You Think You Were Hacked in Montana

If you think you may have been a target in the hacking scheme, the company recommends changing your passwords immediately.  The company website also stated that they "have taken steps to further protect customer data, including requiring all existing customers to reset their password and requiring two-step verification for all new and existing customers."

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Have you been the victim of identity theft or a hacker?  Tell us about your experience here.

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