Gun Ownership in Montana Isn't Even in the Top 10

Yes.  You read that correctly.  Montana doesn't even rank in the top 10 in America for gun ownership.  Go ahead, I will let you re-read that a couple of times for it to sink in.

Not even in the top 10.

Apparently, there really are a lot of weapons that have fallen into outhouses or the local waterways of Montana.  Or at least that is what we tell everyone.

Take This Poll with a Really Large Grain of Salt Please

So, check that headline again.  Not in the top 10?  How is it that the report from A Piece of Travel can claim that we aren't?  When every other single poll or any research data shows the exact opposite?

According to their numbers, Montana is way down the list of gun ownership per capita, with Wyoming being listed first with just over 245 registered weapons per 1000 people.

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Checking Other Sources for Better Numbers Across the State

One of the things that my father always taught me when it concerns weapons, besides safety, was that if there were ever the case that someone asked you how many guns you own, the answer was a simple one.  "I don't.  Lost them all in a terrible outhouse fire many years ago."

It makes me think that there are a lot of them scattered across the state.  For instance, checking several sites across the big wide web, Montana is the biggest owner of guns in the entire US.  Over 66% of residents own a weapon.  Comparatively, Wyoming is just below us in that category, but does lead in per capita.

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