Guest of the Year Awarded at Showdown Montana

Mother Nature pulled a little bit of trick on us with the weather across Montana this year.  While we started out decently, snowpack in our mountains hasn't been that great for 2023-2024.  That doesn't mean there wasn't a ton of fun on the mountain though.


Some ski areas had a shortened season, even some needing to close for the entire season due to no snow.  Showdown Montana however, despite a slightly late start, never looked back, and kept fun happening all ski season.

Showing Appreciation to Customers for the Season at Showdown Montana

Despite one of the worst seasons for snowpack at Showdown, it didn't slow down people from heading to the mountain to enjoy the outdoors.  Katie Boedecker, president of Showdown Montana said that "I saw families sitting on the stairs eating lunch without complaint, groups of teenage boys sitting on the floor smiling and laughing, and people basically doing whatever it took to make it work. Our lodge was full of love, and we all felt it; and our Staff could never do this by ourselves without you guys."

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To honor those that made the trek to the mountain this year, even with less-than-ideal conditions, the staff wanted to give back to those that made this year the best that it could be.  Showdown has now added a new award, the "Guest of The Year Award".

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Congratulations To the Very First Recipient in Montana

The new Guest of the Year Award for the very first year has been awarded to Sarah Goldsmith.  From the Showdown Montana Facebook page, they stated:  "Sarah is usually here both Saturday and Sunday with her daughters giving them the gift of a lifetime love affair with skiing and winter fun. Although she sometimes has help, many times she’s here by herself with her girls. This can’t be easy, but somehow Sarah makes it look easy, and we marvel at that."

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The new award includes season passes for the entire family for one season, an $800 Showdown gift card, their name on a plaque on the Wall of Fame, and the greatest admiration and appreciation.  To find out more about Showdown Montana, you can check their website here.

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