I feel a little like Andy Rooney from the old 60 Minutes TV show asking this question, but here it goes:  "did you ever wonder" where your fondness of a particular food comes from?  I can blame my weird obsession with fluffy tacos and onion-fused enchiladas on my grandmother.  So upon hearing that we would receive a new Mexican establishment in the Falls, I was ecstatic.

Last August.  (insert whawhawha sound here if needed for full effect.)

Tearing Down An Icon To Make Room For Progress

In late summer of 2022, it was announced that Chipotle would be making an appearance in Great Falls, finally.  The long-loved Cartwheel Bar was torn down at 1900 10th Ave. South to make way, but progress soon stalled towards the end of summer last year.  However, with nicer weather, I took a quick peek over the fences to see what was happening.

JD Knight
JD Knight

Hopefully, we will have a firm date soon on when this new restaurant will be opening to the public in Great Falls.

Westside Panda Express Lovers Are Still In A Holding Pattern

Another announcement made late last summer was that Panda Express would be expanding in our city with a second location on the west side.  The location at 691 3rd Street NW across from the fairgrounds was famous as the J-T Roadhouse for many years but has been vacant since it was torn down in 2015.  Stopping by recently, it does appear that there may be some movement on this at some point soon.

JD Knight
JD Knight

A porta potty, work trailer, and wood.  Seems like a great start for a restaurant to me!  But seriously, this is the most activity I have seen here since 2015.

Have a hint for me on a new business in the Great Falls area?  I would love to hear from you, just email me here.

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