The saying is true.  Good fences will build good neighbors.  Doens't matter if that is in the country at the ranch or directly in the city between two families on the block.  If you don't have one, you may have experienced an unfortunate incident regarding a hole in that fence at some point.  A dog getting through, maybe a kid being hurt by a chunk of wood or wire, or you just don't want to look at what your neighbor has going on in his yard.

Checking The Laws on Fences Between Homes - Where Is The Line

According to the website Yes Homebuyers, there is a simple way to determine who owns the fence.  Check your transfer, title plan or conveyance deed.  If you see a T-mark on your side of the fence, you are the owner.  However, if there is a H-mark on the document, you both are responsible for repairs or replacement.  But, even if that is so, you or your neighbor are not obligated to pay for the fence.

What About in Our Fair City of Great Falls, What Are the Rules?

In the Electric City, fences do have some regulations to follow.  For instance, fences cannot be taller than 6ft in height unless a special designation has been given to the homeowner.

To keep the peace with your neighbor, make sure to check your codes at the City of Great Falls Building & Construction website.  You can also apply for a permit to construct what you want on your property via this link.

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