Holidays and candy.  They go hand in hand.  But as with all holidays and candy, some of us have our favorites that we just can't wait for and those that we just can't wait to go away!  I'm referring to the candy here everyone, not the holiday or holidays!

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Candy seems to be steeped in just as much tradition during any of the holidays but Christmas, at least for me, seems even more so.  Candy canes, brittle, powdered sugar everything!  But some candies, well, they just hang around for whatever reason, even though they continue to top the lists of terrible candy each and every year it seems!  Are we really eating this stuff, or just using it for decoration and throwing it out with the tree?

For me, the list compiled by Candy Store was almost right.  Almost.  Or maybe I just have a really, really bad sweet tooth.  Either way, I still take issue with Lifesavers Storybooks being in there.  Sorry about that.  That is kinda of a spoiler.  Either way, it is still a huge tradition in my home.  If you don't get one in your stocking when you arrive downstairs on Christmas morning, you just might as well go back to bed.  Your day is NOT going to be getting better.  At this point, coal would be a treat.  Yes, it really is that serious in my home.

Enough With That Nonsense, Bring On The Candy!

Top Ten Most Hated Christmas Candies

What candy did or didn't make the list? Did we miss one, or was there one or more that you thought shouldn't be there? Check out our gallery to see what the #1 most hated candy is according to Candy Store!

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