Learning To Live with Fire Under the Big Sky of Montana

Unless you have been hanging with the slumbering bears on the Rocky Mountain Front or maybe wintering in another state besides Montana, you probably know about the snowpack in our mountains.


It isn't anywhere near what it should be, and as summer begins to arrive across the state, concerns about fire danger are starting to be heard from concerned citizens.  Being prepared in advance will help with those challenges.

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Living With Fire Inside the Wilderness of Montana

Even with ample moisture, Montana is still prone to fires, and big ones at that.  The fire of 1910 is still one of the largest ever recorded, and perhaps one of the deadliest also in American history.

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Just 3 years ago, over 1 million acres burned in the state according to the US Department of Agriculture.  2012 and 2017 also saw over 1 million acres burned in the state.  Even our national parks see those fires, with the National Park Service stating that a fire has burned in Glacier National Park every single year save for one, in 1964.

Keeping Up to Date and Informed Across Montana Fire Season

Operated through the Bureau of Land Management, the Montana Fire Info website offers an abundance of tools to help with the dangers of fire and how to be more preventative.

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Information is available on current fire restrictions within the state, current fires that are burning, along with details on dealing with wildfire smoke.  You can also find tips on how to prepare your home and property before the season arrives.

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