Final Days for Montana Stimulus Checks to Be Sent Out

In an announcement earlier this year, Govenor Greg Gianforte of Montana announced that Montana residents had overpaid on their state income taxes.  To rectify this, it was announced that residents would receive a refund nearing $2500 in some instances.

To qualify, residents were required to:

have been a resident for the entire 2021 tax year, filed tax returns for 2020 and 2021 on time, not been claimed as dependent on someone else's tax forms, and had a figure greater than zero on line 20 of their 2021 return.

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But wait, I Didn't Sign Up for Any Refund from The State

If you meet the above criteria, but you haven't received a check, don't worry.  You didn't miss a deadline to file, or a form to fill out.  Thankfully, those that qualify are automatically enrolled to receive the check.

Those checks are based on each person's income based off of the 2021 tax return and line 20 of that form.  Couples could receive up to $2500 dollars, while individuals receive payment of up to $1250.

Hey, I Still Haven't Received My Check Yet, What's The Deal?

Don't worry!  Even though checks were first issued back in July across Montana, they didn't all go out at once.  Checks have been sent through the summer and fall and will continue to December 31st, 2023.

How do you plan on using your check?  Will it be a great Christmas windfall for you?  Or maybe a nest egg to keep?  What about a vacation in the New Year?  Let us know via our social media pages, the app chat feature, or you can email us here.

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