Featured Fido - Help the Great Falls Animal Shelter This Holiday

When it comes to furbabies, I am always going to be an advocate for any of them.  Dogs, cats, chinchillas, horses, whatever.  If I could adopt or help every single one of them, I would.  Which makes seeing things happening at the Great Falls Animal Shelter hard for me.  I want to adopt them all.


Our shelter and surrounding shelters or rescues are all feeling the crunch.  Being overloaded with rescues or turn-ins, or the lost or abandoned has made it incredibly difficult to keep their heads above water.

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Meet Some of the Featured Pets for This Event Right Here

At our shelter, there is an overabundance of both dogs and cats.  Finding your forever friend to bring home can be a breeze, and one of the most joyful moments of life.  Just take a look at this guy:

Great Falls Animal Shelter Facebook
Great Falls Animal Shelter Facebook

Flint's love for play knows no bounds, and playing fetch is his absolute favorite! It's a tough call whether he loves fetching or his food more – either way, this boy is ready to bring joy and energy into your home.

What About a Furbaby with Murder Mittens?

If a cat is more in line with your household, the shelter has many to choose from, including this beauty:

Great Falls Animal Shelter Facebook
Great Falls Animal Shelter Facebook

Zinnia would love to take naps with you for the holidays and is described as:

Zinnia is searching for a loving home on the quieter side, where she can relax, soak up the sun, and grow to her full potential. If you have a peaceful space and a heart ready to welcome this shy beauty, Zinnia could be the perfect addition to your family.


Home For the Holidays Is on Now At the GFAS

Interested in adopting a new family member?  The Great Falls Animal Shelter is currently running specials for adoptions during the holidays.  Called Home for the Holidays, adoptees can find a furever friend for just $5 per adoption for cats and $50 adoptions for dogs.

You can even submit an application for any of the pets through the online adoption application.

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