Famous In the Falls - Who Made the Big Time

If someone from out of town or out of state were to ask you who the most famous person is from your city, what would your reply be for Great Falls?  Most answers will probably center around the area's famous artist, Charles M. Russell.

But not so quick.  Great Falls has a long list of famous people that have hit the big time in their respective professions.  Music, television, sports and technology all have roots in our town.  How many do you know?

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Common Names That Everyone in Great Falls Can Recite

With Mr. Russell at the top of the list, what other names come to mind when thinking "famous" in the Falls?  Perhaps the country music legend Charley Pride, or sports icons like Dave Dickenson, Josh Huestis and Tyler Graham are mentioned.  It may be entertainment celebrities, like George Montgomery or Barbara Luddy.


Larger than life names for sure, but there are other famous folks that have made their way into the world and left huge marks in their own right.  Recent names include Reggie Watts or Walter Bruening, the former "world's oldest man".  But let's dive even further into the abyss of being "known".

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Famous People, Little Recognition in Great Falls, Montana

Digging through the research I came across 5 names that hit a chord with me.  Names I might not know initially, but recognized once I saw what made them famous.  For instance, did you know the original Alice Kramden from the Honeymooners television show was from here?  Her name was Pert Kelton.

Here are four more famous folks that got their start in Great Falls:

  • Lester Hogan - pioneer in microwave and semiconductor technology
  • Wallace Stegner - often called "The Dean of Western Writers" and Pulitzer Prize winning author
  • Tera Patrick - award winning adult film actress
  • Missy Gold - actress on Benson television series, her sibling Tracey is also an actress, known for the show Growing Pains.

Have more names that are famous but don't hit the top of the list for well known?  We would love to hear them, let us know in our social media, app chat or email here.

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