Exciting Updates Happening Now at Paris Gibson Square Museum

As with any city, Great Falls has many historic buildings dotting the landscape.  Some of those have been converted into homes, or into businesses that have kept some of the aesthetics of the traditional architecture.  Sometimes however, we never get a chance to peek inside some of these amazing buildings to see what unique things are there.

Several years ago, I was privileged to receive a private tour of the attic area of the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art that isn't afforded to the general public.  It is an amazing space, with even more amazing potential.

Bringing Yesteryear to Today with a Major Renovation and Clean Up

For several weeks in October and part of November, Dayspring Restoration has been working on the PGSMOA.  Projects included bat mitigation, removal of contaminated objects, cleaning and sanitizing objects, even cleaning wood structures, duct work and more.

Many of those items were unwanted or needed, but once sanitation was handled, those objects were then donated to several charities across the city.

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Phase Two Will Be Starting Soon at Paris Gibson Square

Bat mitigation and clean up has been the major job so far in the attic work.  With phase one being completed, the staff are ready to begin the next exciting part.  High Country Wildlife Control will be stepping in to place bat mitigators on the building and will continue work on the exclusion process starting in the early spring of 2024.

You can check out a full video walk through below from the PGSMOA:


Gallery Credit: MEGAN TULEY

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