I have probably mentioned on air at least once (more like a million times) that I love sweets. Basically anything with sugar. I know, anything in moderation, but I lack any self control, and the power of the sweet treat wins and it's ice cream for dinner again.  Just one of the great perks of being an adult.

So when the news of this new business, soon to be opening in Great Falls was announced, I've had visions of cookies, dancing in my head!  Crumbl Cookies Great Falls has finally arrived!  This Friday is the Grand Opening Celebration!  Now all of us can bring our inner Cookie Monster out in real life.

Now I will have another bakery in Great Falls where my eyes light up like a little kid and maybe drool a bit while putting in my order.  Just ask the great girls at Hemples Bakery when I stand at the front doors at 5:55am to grab a dozen donuts and rush off to make it into the studio before the weather hits on the Max Morning Show.  Which by the way, is doable.

Cookies will be available pretty much whenever you want.  Crumbl Cookies hours will be Sunday through Thursday 8am to 10pm and Friday & Saturday 8am till Midnight!  That is right!  Midnight!  So all you soon to be Moms, craving cookies, will be able to ask your husband to run to Crumbl Cookies at 11pm on a Friday night.  And all you soon to be Dads, don't sweat it!  Cookies can be delivered!   Now when the doorbell rings, you can say "The Cookies Are Here" instead of it always being about the pizza.  If you have kids, we all can relate to those nights when they tell you it is their turn to bring treats to class...TOMORROW.  Well, don't fear, Crumbl Cookies is here!  Crumbl Cookies Great Falls.

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So, Christmas has come early here in Great Falls!  Crumbl Cookies Great Falls is in the Target Shopping Complex.  And with all new businesses opening up here in the Electric City, I wish you nothing but SWEET SUCESS.


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