Don't Ever Flush These Things Down Your Toilet in Montana

Just a few months ago I received a call from a family member requesting assistance with a slight problem in the bathroom.  It seemed as though the toilet had forgotten how to dispose of the contents of the bowl.

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After investigating, I determined that the toilet needed to be removed to find whatever was blocking the drain.  Sure enough, there was a washcloth lodged, preventing the toilet from flushing.  Easy fix, but it got me thinking of crazy things that you would drop down the toilet.

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Most Common Items Plumbers Find in Fixing a Toilet

If you have or had children, you probably already know the answer to the above.  Toys led the list of things that your local plumber would be finding.  Surprisingly, cell phones were also near the top of the list.  Jewelry, photographs and even illicit drugs all make the list as well.


One of the odder, but common things plumbers retrieve from the toilet is dentures.  It seems crazy, but it happens!

What Is the Oddest Thing You Have Pulled from the Toilet?

Have you ever had the need to call a plumber only to discover something embarrassing in your toilet?  Have you ever lost an expensive or family treasure down to the bowl?

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What crazy thing did you find in your toilet?  We want to know!  Hit us up with our app chat feature, on our social media or you can email us here.

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