You know those moments. They're never any good. They are those "Get What You Paid For" moments. Here are my top 5 and they are subject to change at any given moment because we tend to forget about them.....until we remember.

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Last week when the sun was out and the temperature wasn't too cold, I decided to give my truck a quick cleaning before the snow hits. The dogs and I can turn the inside of my truck into a smelly, muddy, hairy, trash can in little to no time. My dogs are cute, but a wet dog smells like a wet dog.

As I started washing the inside of my windows, it happened. That moment. I just bought this bottle of window cleaner, and this was the first time using it! The sprayer barley worked and more of the cleaner ran down the bottle, then down my arm, and then dripped off my elbow. On top of that, it didn't clean very well. Needless to say, I did get the job done. But I have half a bottle of this cheap cleaner still to use. Even the cheaper stuff is getting expensive these days. Next time.... Windex.

There are some things in life you just can't go generic on.

#2 "You Get What You Paid For" moment on my list is Duct Tape. I have gone thru my share of Duct Tape. We would use a boat load of it playing roller derby. We would tape over the Velcro pieces on our knee guards, elbow guards and wrist guards for extra security on staying in place. You don't want to go cheap in this situation. It may have been used a time or two to help secure a torn jersey. No Janet Jackson mishap with Duct Tape.

#3 "You Get What You Paid For" moment on my list is Zip Lock bags. You know exactly what I am talking about when you open up your ice chest and find your sandwich waterlogged or your hotdogs soaked in cooler water.

#4 "You Get What You Paid For" moment on my list is Toilet paper. Enough said.

#5 "You Get What You Paid For" moment on my list is Inflatable Kayaks. Hear me out on this one. I know a good inflatable can be spendy but there are limitations to a $99 special. Know those limitations. Stick to calm shallow water, keep it close to shore, and don't forget your lifejacket.
Now let me know what I missed; I am sure there are quite a few "You Get What You Paid For" moments I forgot about.

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