Discover Secret Menu Items at This Great Falls Restaurant

At one point or another, I think we probably have all ordered off a "secret" menu at whatever local establishment that you frequent.  Maybe it is just a small adjustment to a menu item that you make a small change to.  Or it might even be something major, a total deviation from the norm of the menu.


One of the more popular in secret menu land is at Starbucks.  With several variations of drinks available, there are specialty items that change monthly, depending on the season.  But did you know there was another big place in Great Falls to order from the secret menu?

Remember To Be Nice to Your Server When Ordering Specialty Items

Before you just dive right into these items, remember that they are specialty items.  They may not have the ingredients at a specific location, or the special menu may be slightly different depending on the location of the franchise.

With that out of the way, let's get to that menu.  But where do you head for this amazing secret?  That's easy!  Let your stomach guide you to 5 Guys Burgers of Great Falls on 10th Avenue South in the Albertson's/Target Complex.

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Yes!  They Really Do Have a Secret Menu to Order From!

Yep, 5 Guys Burgers has a secret menu.  But what variations to a burger or fry would lead to a specialty menu?  The good ones, of course!  In a recent article based on Cheapism, 5 Guys can spice your lunch or dinner with some different choices.

Check out these secret menu items available:

  • The Burger Bowl - Don't like bread?  Order your burger with all the fixings sans buns.
  • The Artery Annihilator - Order than bacon cheeseburger with a halved hot dog on top.
  • Well Done Fries - Just like it sounds, get them a little crispier from that peanut oil.
  • A Patty Melt - Try your burger on the Texas type toast that they offer rather than the traditional bun.
  • Sloppy Joe - While not exactly a sloppy joe, you can make your burger taste exactly like it with grilled peppers, onions, ketchup and BBQ sauce.

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