Cracking Cold Ones in the Drunkest City in Montana

It really doesn't matter which state you pick.  If you ask anyone from that random state, they can probably tell you just where the party is happening in their neighborhood, their town, and yes, the state.


In Montana, there are 3 major cities that will pop up first in the answer section.  2 of those are major college towns in the state.  The other is home to the largest population of people in a city.  But which one is it?

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You Will Need Some Specific Colored Clothing for This One

In compiling the list, the website 24/7 Tempo used the following formula to calculate which city is the drunkest in each state:

24/7 Tempo reviewed the percentage of men and women over 18 who reported heavy or binge drinking in each state’s metropolitan areas, then singled out the city or metropolitan area with the highest rate.

After that data was crunched, one came out on top in Montana.  It wasn't the largest populated city either.  Time to dress up in maroon and white everyone.

Football Isn't the Only Thing Being Thrown Down in the Valley

Apparently, Missoula, Montana is the place to head if you want to see just how drunk, drunk really is.  Being a college town, it really isn't a surprise that it leads the way across the state.

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According to the article, Missoula has a metro population of just over 121,000 people with 24.9% of them who consider themselves to drink excessively.

Agree or disagree?  Is Missoula the drunkest town in Montana?  Let us know in our social media, appchat or email us here.

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