"I am not a smart man Jenny, but I know jumping from one moving boat to another ain't a good idea."

No, he really didn't say that.  That doesn't mean the statement itself isn't any less true.

The latest "challenge" to come to the social media platform called TikTok is incredibly risky, dangerous and deadly.  The challenge, described as "boat jumping", involves of course, two boats and a jumper.  The objective is simple.  Jump from one moving boat to another.  What could go wrong?  Apparently and obviously, a lot.

It's Not New to the Water, But It Is More Prevalent This Time of Year

While it wasn't a challenge originally, there are videos of this activity going back to 2020 on the platform.  However, with summertime here, many more people are hitting the water to cool off, especially with the high heat indexes happening across the U.S.

How dangerous is this activity?  Reports from Alabama include 4 deaths this year alone from the challenge.  Think about it.  You are jumping from a moving vehicle, at a decent rate of speed, the water is going to become like concrete if you miss.

Need a little more convincing?  Gail Kulp, the executive director of the Sea Tow Foundation stated:

You can wind up with broken bones, a broken neck, or you could end up hitting the propeller of either boat, or you could be run over causing lots of damage, if not death.

Will It Happen in Montana?  What's Being Done to Curb This Activity?

Perhaps.  I would hope that as a Montanan, we have enough common sense to not attempt something like this.  However, a little beer and a double dog dare might spark that buddy to try it.  Don't let it happen!

As for the media platform, TikTok has said in statement to NBC News that they have added a warning to videos to include:

participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt.

No kidding?  Talk about lawyer speak.  Maybe this app really does need to be banned if people want to play stupid games and win stupid prizes.

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