Regardless of the type of music you listen to, it is hard to not hear or see things related to artists of other genres.  This time around, we tackle the Country Music industry, and the latest controversy to come from Nashville.

Since last weekend, Jason Aldean has been in hot water for his latest single called "Try That In A Small Town."  Detractors have labeled it racist, a lynching song, even some going so far as to state that it will be a new anthem for possible fanatics.

Does the song deserve the bashing?  Perhaps.  But what about when compared to other songs, whether they be country or some other style of music?

Taking In Comparisons of Music from Across the Various Charts

Messaging in music isn't something new.  The Beach Boys or Rolling Stones talking teenage weekends or teenage angst.  Folk songs condemning war, illicit drug use or even sexual references.

It doesn't take a lot of looking either.  Eric Clapton with "Cocaine"; The Grateful Dead with "Casey Jones", Blondie referring to personal stimulation or even Carrie Underwood taking pot shots at guys.  It's always been there.

Today's music isn't any different.  Carrie Underwood has had a number one song which references taking a baseball bat to a jilted love's truck, slashing tires and more.  Rage Against The Machine raging against mainstream with songs like "Kill A Man."  Do we even need to start talking about some of the lyrics when it comes to rap music?  One only needs to refer to a recent hit by the name of "WAP" to realize it's not just Jason that should be taken aside and chided about what it takes to making a good song.

Sounding Off in the Electric City - What Do You Think?  See It for Yourself

So back to our original question:  Does Jason deserve the flak that he is receiving over his latest single?

In my opinion, yes.  But also no.

Realizing the climate of the world at this time should be priority number one if you are trying to make it in the big time.  While we may feel some of these things are worthy, you are trying to appeal to a broad audience.  Perhaps more thought into how far you want to wade into politically or racially charged climates should be discussed in future endeavors.

On the other side, there isn't anything in this song that wouldn't make it viable for any other artist to have done.  Jason has created a certain climate around himself that has followed him through his career.  Some simply don't like the guy or his type of music.  Would a Taylor Swift receive as much blow back as he has?  Would Snoop Dog?  Or Garth Brooks?  It's tough to say.

What do you think?  Deserved criticism or over the making a mountain out of a molehill?  Sound off in our comments, or you can email me your thoughts here.

Comparing Them For Yourself - 3 Examples To Listen To

For lyrical comparison, we've included the latest release of Jason Aldean's song, plus 2 other songs this writer feels push the boundaries of "good music."

What about the lyrics for this hit from Carrie Underwood?

I'm still appalled at how many young children can sing along with this song:

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The home's interior includes a downstairs with an open floorplan and oversized windows, chiseled stone floors, a gourmet kitchen, a bedroom and study and a fireplace, with coffered ceilings throughout. The upstairs of the home includes two separate master bedrooms that both overlook the Gulf, as well as two more bedrooms that each have their own attached bathrooms.

The stunning home is also set for whatever weather might blow in from the Gulf. Built in 2005, the house features all-impact windows and doors, as well as Geo-Thermal heating and cooling, cellulose insulation, foam ceiling and floor insulation and more.

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