Concern For Homeless in Great Falls - Here Are Options

With a continued cold front having its grip on the state of Montana, and more specifically, central Montana and the Great Falls area, there have been several posts across the social media platforms with concern for the homeless in our area.

With the possibility of temperatures nearly at -40 degrees without adding in a wind, it is a valid point.  And it isn't only this weekend that should be the only focus.  It isn't like this will be the only time we get hammered with cold weather in the next few months.

Pinpointing The Exact Number Isn't Easy in Cities or the State

According to statistics related to our state, World Population Review shows 1,585 homeless in Montana for 2024.  The most current data from the Montana Homeless Survey indicated about 200 homeless people in Great Falls.

In just a few quick glances across several posts on social media, some residents indicated that number could be even larger.  At the Great Falls Rescue Mission, they served 212 individuals for shelter, 40 of those receiving cold weather services.

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Where To Go in Great Falls for Those in Need Now

Several options are available in Great Falls to help with shelter in inclement weather, especially during storms such as those happening now.

  • The Great Falls Rescue Mission, at 408 2nd Avenue South offers cold weather services, from dinner to breakfast.  Individuals may also stay during the daytime, with certain rules in effect.
  • The City County Health Department is available between 8am and 5pm, Monday thru Friday at 115 4th Street South.
  • First United Methodist Church is open daily from 5:30pm to 9:30pm and located at 610 2nd Avenue North.
  • Alliance for Youth for ages 13-20 open Monday thru Friday from 1pm to 7pm at 3220 11th Avenue South.
  • Great Falls Public Library at 301 2nd Avenue North is open Monday 12pm to 6pm, Tuesday-Thursday 10am-8pm and Friday-Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

The Great Falls Rescue Mission will also be collecting donations of blankets or clothing.  To drop off items, go to the Administration Office at 408 2nd Avenue South, using the east entrance.

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