If someone mentions the word history to you, how far back does your mind take you?  Do you think worldly, our country, or closer to home?  Perhaps our state, or even closer, our county and city?  Finding little pieces of what made us who we are today can be a great weekend pastime, or a full fledged career in archeology.  While we haven't been around in the grand scheme of life for all that long in our fair city, (incorporated in 1888) there are still some amazing pieces of our local history that can be found online, especially on eBay.

If You Are Looking For Something Specific, Be Specific About It!

Depending on what type of collectible you are searching for, whether just a decorative piece, perhaps trying to fill in a missing piece, or trying to find a perfect gift for a friend, relative or even a remembrance type gift, just a quick search of a city name will reveal amazing items!  A couple of quick tips for you first though!  Make sure to include your city and state!  Many town names are duplicated across the country, and while you may think you are finding a lost piece of your own town, it could be from an entirely different one!  Also, if it is something specific you are looking for, narrow the search to that specific name or item.  For example, searching for "Gibson Park swan photo, Great Falls, MT" will get your more results than just a generic "Great Falls photos" will.

What Are The Treasures That Abound And Await A New Home?

Once you start diving in, the results are amazing!  One of the larger categories is that of postcards.  Every single decade and nuance of our city is captured in a photo with these.  Central Avenue, the Great Falls International Airport, expansion as it happened through the years.  If an actual piece of history is more your flavor, there are matchbooks, yearbooks, playbill books, business cards and more!  For specialty items from the area, look under categories such as "Anaconda Mining Company" or for perfect gifts for the man-cave, check out a quick browse of "Great Falls Select Brewing" and you won't be disappointed!

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Treasure From The Electric City: Great Falls, MT On eBay

Collectibles abound with an easy search of Great Falls! Postcards, matchbooks, brewery items and the Anaconda Mining Company. Check out our gallery of just a slice of what history and fun can be found about the city.

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