Cell Phones in Montana Under Control by the Feds?

Without trying to sound too much of a conspiracy theory type guy, I am willing to admit that sometimes there are strange things afoot.  Especially with technology, and even more so with our smart phones.

C'mon, how is it that my wife and I can talk about something in our kitchen and then suddenly I am being serviced advertisements for those same related things when I scroll on my phone?

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Yes, They Do Have Some Control of Phones in Montana

Control may be a little too strong of word in this instance.  Certain federal agencies do have the ability to transmit messages to your phone, even without an app or account to a specific entity.

Just last year we saw this in action with a national Emergency Alert System (EAS) test.  The EAS is designed to allow state and local officials the ability to alert residents of any pending emergency, such as weather or Amber alerts.

Will It Happen in the United States and Montana Again In 2024?

That's a definite maybe.  Sort of.  According to FEMA, as the results of the 2023 test are still being evaluated, they are unsure of another test in 2024.  However, as they do analyze the previous data they stated:

these tests are to ensure that systems continue to be effective means of warning the public about emergencies, particularly those on the national level.

Even though a definitive date for new national test has yet to be released to the public, once data is finished being gone through, we could very well see one yet this year, or the first part of 2025.

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