Operating a chainsaw is no small feat or task.  Regardless that you are operating a piece of machinery that could possibly maim you, or even worse, cause death.  It shouldn't be taken lightly by any means.

There is also an art to operating a chainsaw.  Being able to properly cut a tree down or bucking that down to manageable pieces to put in your trailer or truck is a skill.

Getting Creative with the Chain, A Bar and A Little Oil

If you haven't had the opportunity to see a skilled chainsaw operator, you really are missing out on an art that is quite unique.  Depending on the size of the bar required, the control needed to carve out a sculpture is extremely difficult, especially if you don't have a template that you are referencing.  The chance to catch one of these artists getting the creative juices flowing is coming up, plus you get to help a great cause while doing so.

Mark Your Calendar for This Event Coming to Lincoln, MT

The dates are set for the 1st Annual Chainsaw Carving Contest coming to Lincoln, MT on July 13, 14, 15 and 16 at the Lambkins restaurant.  Featuring 8 carvers from across the northwest, they will be carving a large piece, but also be doing quick-carves through the 4-day event.  You'll be able to bid on the artists' work on the final day.  Sam’s Hope Foundation of Montana will be hosting the 1st Annual Sam’s Blackfoot Valley Chainsaw Competition Fundraiser in hopes of making an even bigger difference in providing financial assistance to families who have a child with cancer or other illness.

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Wondering what kind of sculptures you may see in Lincoln? Here are a few samples from a craftsman located in Colorado.

Pieces of art carved out of a log with a chainsaw, has to be one of the most-unique forms of woodworking you'll find. Colorado is a perfect state to put those talents to the test.

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