Check Out This New Insectarium and Butterfly House in Missoula

Insects.  Bugs.  Spiders.  Your skin may be crawling already with just the mention of them.  Personally, not a big fan of the spider family, but most of the time a bug or insect won't, (ha!) bug me.


With that said, I still never thought I would be interested in these creepy crawling things enough to visit a place that actually featured and housed them.  Boy, was I totally wrong about myself.

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Were You Aware of The Montana Butterfly House and Insectarium?

If bugs are your things, then an all-new business in Missoula, MT is for you.  The newly opened Missoula Butterfly House and Insectarium is ready for you to come in and explore the little things in our world.


This is your opportunity to kick back and learn all about the bugs.  According to their website, "With a tropical greenhouse filled with butterflies from around the world and an exhibit area featuring a wide array of insects, arachnids, millipedes, centipedes, and crustaceans, the Missoula Butterfly House and Insectarium provides a truly unique Montana experience."

Making Your Way to Enjoy a Fun Filled Day with Butterflies and More

Don't let the butterflies in your stomach keep you from enjoying this incredible experience.  Open every day except Mondays, you can walk in, or you can make your reservations online here.


School and youth groups, children and family programs, plus adult group activities like the Bugs and Brew event are all available at the location.  To find out more about the Missoula Butterfly House and Insectarium, visit their website here.

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